Have you suffered a business loss due to a government’s actions?
Were you blind-sided by the effect of a new public works on your business?
Do you feel like the “little guy” up against “city hall?”
Do you want a lawyer who has represented clients
in more than 50 trials and appeals?
Douglas Adams can help.

In more than four decades as a lawyer, Douglas Adams has represented numerous clients who felt just the way you do — and who had the courage to take action and demand compensation. Doug is now the nation’s foremost expert in cases where a government’s actions — building a new road, for example — have caused damage to a private business.

Doug knows the hard-to-define line between cases that can win compensation and those that can’t. That knowledge was won by experience, including one of his cases that went all the way to the Supreme Court, where it was decided in his client’s favour. Now, he’s ready to put his expertise to work for you.

Let Doug help you navigate the complex legal world, with a clear and unbiased assessment of your situation and a well-considered course of action.

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Experience. There’s no substitute.

About Doug

Doug has served clients in the national capital since he established his law firm in 1965. He has represented more than 50 clients in trials and appeals at all court levels. He specializes in getting compensation in cases where a government’s actions have caused damage to a private business, and was instrumental in sending the Antrim Truck Stop case to the Supreme Court of Canada, where it was decided in his client’s favour.

Doug’s unique experience and successful results qualify him as the nation’s foremost expert in this area of law, and make him the first choice of litigator for property owners and others who believe their businesses have been hurt by government action.

Trained as a civil engineer before undertaking his law degree, Doug brings an engineer’s creativity, innovation and forward-thinking to his legal cases, as well as a superior ability to interpret complex data.